We end registration of the contribution with March 31, 2013.

Since the amount of contribution to the children who lost parents in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake will be likely to reach target figures 510,000,000yen,we end registration of the contribution for supporting their studies and a life for an earthquake disaster orphan, with March 31, 2013.

We appreciate that economical support to the children who lost parents in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami can be performed by your warm sympathy in Japan and the world.
Thank you.



Message from mayor(from mayor's E-mail magazine No.275)

As of December 31st 2012, the Soma City Earthquake Disaster Orphan Scholarship Fund established in April 2011 has almost reached its initial goal. To date, 490 million JPY has been contributed.
We are very happy to inform you that prospects are looking good to support the 51 children who lost their parents with their living expenses, such as college or vocational school tuitions, monthly allowances, and any other lessons or skills required as members of society, such as acquiring a driver's license. Were their parents alive today, they would be striving to support, raise and educate these children.
Approximately 10 million JPY per child was our target, so the total fund for the 51 children was aimed at 510 million JPY, but since it is also inexcusable to take more than necessary, we will close the fund as of March 31, 2013. Should there be a shortage of funds in the future, I would ask the mayors of Soma who succeed me for further support.

Those mayors of other cities with whom I’m close spread the word about the fund, and I received endorsement from a great number of individuals and people of organizations who subscribed to my e-mail magazine. With the warm-hearted support of people in Japan and in many other parts of the world, the wish of both myself and the citizens of Soma to care for the victims of the earthquake disaster and children who lost their parents is coming true, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

I began thinking about this fund while I was receiving the sad news that the bodies of our firefighters were being discovered one after the other. I felt a harsh pain in my heart when I pictured those firefighters helping citizens evacuate and what they must have thought when they saw the great tsunami. Most of them were in their 30s with children to raise. Thinking of them I was speechless, imagining their resentment that in the middle of life all the joy and responsibility of fatherhood was taken away.

Raising healthy children; children growing up to stand on their two feet; these are the things fathers live for, and the greatest joy in a father’s life. In other words, the best means for children to live in today’s tough and competitive society is to give them higher education. I’ll always empathize with their regret that in the middle of their life all the efforts they had made suddenly vanished.

On behalf of those parents, just a few things we can do to support their children is to raise money for their general living expenses, ensure that higher education is possible, and increase average monthly allowances until the children turn eighteen. We can never provide the mental support and social education that only a father can give. On the day of the disaster memorial service in September 2011, when I was hoping those children would at least feel proud that their fathers became our heroes, I had to hold back tears when Ayane, the eldest daughter of the late Isobe Area Brigade deputy, Mr. Kenichi Abe, gave a speech. She said that she is proud of her father and that she wants to go to a school to learn skills and techniques that she can utilize to help other people. Since then, my major objective in recovering from the disaster is education.

I am also happy to inform you that Daiki, the eldest son of the late deputy, Mr. Masahiro Inayama, will be attending a university in Chiba Prefecture. I am hoping he will join a fire brigade after his four years of study and go on to be the head of the fire department in the future, becoming a leader of disaster prevention in Soma City.

If any of my readers are thinking to continuously provide for children in Soma, including the 51 children who lost their parents, I would ask for your warm support of the “Kyoiku Fukko Kosodate Kikin - Children Educational Revival Fund” to help improve academic ability up until the children enter college. With this fund, we were able to present iPads to all the students in Isobe Junior High School and Nakamura Daini Junior High School that suffered from the disaster to help with their studies in math, kanji dictation, and science to name a few. Furthermore, they help the students get used to tablet devices, developing their I.T. skills for the future. The fund also helps support an invitation to graduate students from the Education Department of Tokyo University to teach children in temporary housing, “Soma Terakoya - Soma Temporary School” on weekends.
To continue supporting the educational programs in Soma for children to acquire the ability to enter university we all want to do the best we can.

Mayor Hidekiyo TACHIYA


Donate to the Orphan Scholarship Fund

Soma City is accepting donations to a scholarship fund established for children left orphaned by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
Donations go toward academic and living expenses.
We deeply appreciate your sympathy and support.

We supply the orphans below a high school student 30,000 yen respectively every month from the support money which obtained contribution.
Moreover, we provide a scholarship within the limit of 2 million yen, when they go on to a university etc.
And we provide a scholarship within the limit of 1,500,000 yen from the following fiscal year in which they entered in the university etc.
In addition, the monthly amount of 76,000 yen supplies the direction which went on to the university etc. with the fund which supports living expenses, teaching-materials expenses, etc.

The number of a contribution is 4,184 on February 28, 2013.
The total amount of a contribution is 505,738,495 yen.
The contribution remitted from overseas is 15,105,136 yen,and number of a contribution is 81.

Message from mayor(from mayor's E-mail magazine No.253)>>

Scholarship Fund Name

The Soma City Earthquake Disaster Orphan Scholarship Fund
Note: Please indicate this name when making a donation.

Scholarship Account Information

Bank: Toho Bank Ltd.

Swift Code: TOHOJPJT

Branch Name: Soma Branch

Account Number: 0126-502-1033249

Account Name: somashi saigaikoji shienkin

Required Information

The following information is required when making a donation:

  • your name
  • your telephone number

Tax Provisions under Japanese Law

Donations to the Soma City Earthquake Disaster Orphan Scholarship Fund are tax deductible according to:

 national income tax law article 78 part 1 (charitable deduction)

 local tax law article 314 part 2 subsection 1 (donation deduction)

 corporate tax law article 37 part 3 subsection 1

A receipt for your donation is available on request.

Information Required for a Receipt

If you require a receipt, include the following information with your donation:

 postal code, address, name, phone number, name of bank used, date of donation, amount of donation

Fees Waived for Donations via Japan Post Money Order through March 31, 2013

Japan Post has created a special money order for charitable donations. When using this money order the usual fees are waived.
Fees are waived only when using the special money order for charitable donations.
Fees are waived until March 31, 2013.
This special money order for charitable donations is available at all Japan Post branches.
The special money order for charitable donations should be sent to:

 Soma City Financial Section
 Aza Otesaki 13, Nakamura
 Soma City, Fukushima 976-8601

E-mail address







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